Thursday, October 19, 2017

Park Swing, Gabriola Island

I discovered this old swing hanging from the trees in Drumbeg Provincial Park on Gabriola.  It looked okay in colour, but I decided to try the Fuji Acros + Ye film profile, and I think it works pretty well.  

I hadn't been a big fan of the Acros film simulation, because it seems to be over-used as an attempt to salvage a poorly exposed image, but with a bit of restraint, it can yield some pretty pleasing results - but it's all a matter of personal taste.

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Park Swing, Gabriola Island

(Fuji GFX 50S with GF 23mm f4, Acros + Ye Filter)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lee Filters Adapter Ring for the Fuji GF 23mm f4 WR Lens

One of the first lenses I purchased with my new Fuji GFX 50S camera was the Fujinon GF 23mm f4 WR lens.  This stunningly sharp wide-angle lens has an equivalent field of view to an 18mm lens on a 35mm camera, so it requires thin 82mm filters to avoid vignetting.

I use the Lee Filters 100mm filter system for most filtration duties, and I already had the Lee 82mm WA (wide angle) adapter ring, but as I had seen reported on Fuji Rumors, the standard 82mm WA filter ring would not thread onto this lens, despite having the correct filter thread size.  It turns out that the metal lugs on the front end of the lens, where the lens hood attaches, block the standard adapter ring before the threads can properly engage.

Lee Filters has recently released a special adapter ring for the GF 23mm lens, and I was able to track one down at Canadian distributor for Lee Filters.  They were not aware of the new dedicated filter ring, but after I contacted them they were able to source one for me.  I am pleased to report that the new ring fits perfectly on the lens.

Lee Filters Adapter Ring for Fuji GF 23mm (left) and standard 82mm WA Adpater (right)

The new Lee Filters Fuji GF 23mm adapter ring will be available at B&H Photo starting October 28, 2017.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Evening at Drumbeg with the Fuji GFX

One of my first outings with the new Fuji GFX 50S medium-format digital camera, at Drumbeg Provincial Park on the south end of Gabriola.  The amount of detail this camera can capture is astounding, and the colours and dynamic range are equally impressive.

One of my favourite spots for photography (or quiet contemplation) is Drumbeg Provincial Park at the south end of Gabriola Island.  There are some fascinating sandstone rock formations that are exposed at low tide, and I think they make very interesting subjects when the golden hour of sunset corresponds with low tide.

Click to view larger versions on black background

Gabriola Passage and Valdez Island

Oak Leaf in Pool, Drumbeg Provincial Park

Sandstone Shoreline, Drumbeg Provincial Park

Evening at Drumbeg Provincial Park, Gabriola 

(All images taken with Fuji GFX 50S and GF 23mm f4 WR lens)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Edge of the Sea

All of my Sony mirrorless cameras have now been sold, and I'm back to shooting with the much more capable and reliable Nikon D810.  Here's an image captured last night at Drumbeg Provincial Park...

Edge of the Sea